Bone Daddy

32 Years at Woods of Terror

Nobody really knows where or when Bone daddy came from. Many stories have been told  about him over the years but the oldest known story dates back to the civil war times. A man that entered the war eager to fight for any side as long as he could kill someone. The story states that after he killed a soldier, he would then harvest their bones and sew them on his pants and Jackets to scare any soldier who confronted him in battle.  It has been over 150 years since the Civil war and rumors have talked about Bone Daddy being in many wars since. Some say the Government hides his horrific past and confined him to the Woods Of Terror.  I guess the only way for you to find out the truth is to ask him yourself!


19 Years at Woods of Terror
Attraction – Asylum

Born in 1936 and Suffering from Piquerism, “past traumatic events”, Twila Jean Ozanne was driven to prick anyone or anything with the sharpest instruments she could find. Even that wasn’t enough to satisfy her sadistic needs. So she began to incorporate medications intravenously into her routine, mixing up her own sinister concoctions for herself as well as those she felt close to. Being locked away for a majority of her life, she created parasocial relationships. Never having the chance to socialize for normalcy, she turned to convincing herself to participate in very horrific acts. Always blaming it on someone other than herself every single time. Knowing she would easily get away with her way of life in a particular setting, she took to Killing the head nurse in a local lunatic asylum “Brookhaven”. Making it seem as though it was a “freak accident”, She quickly assumed that role with falsified credentials. Twila was extremely violent with the patients forcing them to undergo extreme cruelties and she obtained an unpleasant reputation throughout the hospital. Unbothered by her tormented way’s, she continued her vile way’s of life making Brookhaven the closest thing to Hell on Earth.

The Dahl Twins

Years at Woods – 15
Attraction – Midway

Fraternal twins Lucy and Sally were born in a small village Norbrook in the mountains of Norway in 1782. Daughters of a cult leader, their entire upbringing was centered around the teachings of the dark arts, occultism and witchcraft with blood rituals of the old Norse gods.The girls were rays of light,  hearted and playful in nature. They weren’t interested in the rituals of the old gods. Their father, an abusive spiteful man, wanting to break the girls spirits began to punish them by separating them and locking them in cages in different areas of the home. One in the basement and one in the attic, this remains they’re punishment for months where the girls slowly began to break from being separated. Finally, after months and months the girls were reunited. Their father had brought them to the sacrificial table on the tallest mountain in their village and  demanded the girls fight to the death. There must be a sacrifice. He cried out from the ceremonial table, reading incantations from the book of the Dead. It was at this moment the girls knew what they must do to free themselves from their tyrannical father’s grip. Before their father could utter another spell the girls grabbed and plunged the sacrificial knife into their father’s forehead. At last, the girls were free. Unaware that their father had already spoken the sacrificial words,  his blood spilled onto the table. There was a rumble from the skies and lightning began to crash as two shadowy forms rose from the table inhabiting the girls’ bodies. Now possessed by two unknown entities, the girls fled in the dark of night to the port side sea town where they stowed away on a ship to an unknown country.. the girls have never been seen or heard from since. But there have been stories told of the pale twins who steal the souls of those they encounter.


Years at Woods – 14
Attraction – Midway

Syriel, was an angel beloved by the heavens and wanted to do everything to become an archangel and stand amongst the greatest in the heavens. Syriel befriended a cherub who tricked him into doing mischievous things.He played cruel tricks on other angels and sabotaged even the Archangels. Having been so naive, Syriel began showing signs of being tainted by sin and was cast down, feeling regret and remorse he couldn’t go all the way to hell or return to heaven. The cherub greeted Syriel and showcased that he was an imp set to destroy the heavens within and Syriel became revengeful. Syriel could only survive by consuming the souls of the innocent to replenish his own innocence. Now Syriel spends his days on Earth taking souls to build his own empire to rule the heavens and hell alike.



Years at Woods – 10
Attraction – Midway

At the age of 8 I was sent to St Albans Sanatorium for pulling the fingers and toes off the dead at the funeral home. I was told that I would never be released but when the Sanatorium closed, I found myself working at a small fair. It didn’t last long though, I was fired when I was caught following the Guests and their children home. I never grew up and never had a chance to play with other kids. I do have my friend Timmy, he is my best friend. Even though he is a doll, we do everything together. We still follow families home from our local Haunted house. We play a game called fingers and toes. I Do Love My Fingers and Toes……


Years at Woods – 8
Attraction – Midway

In Life, Doctor Richard Rice Prided Himself on curing the sick. But during one fateful medical mission to Haiti, He lost his life to the very disease he was sent to cure. A local witch doctor resurrected his body through a variety of voodoo rites and the body is now a puppet inhabited by the demon known as Wizzit. Combining the doctor knowledge of human anatomy and the demons lust for blood, A truly vile Creation now walks the Land


Years at Woods – 8
Attraction – Midway

RelLik ran away from his family and his family’s business to seek out his own. Because of the tragedies that followed him and the business. RelLik stumbled upon the Woods of Terror where he met Bone Daddy. RelLik only has one goal, and that’s to make the Woods his own circus, and won’t stop at anything.


Years at Woods – 7
Attraction – Midway

Grungy Was A clown For the Traveling Johnson Brothers Circus. His horrific performance was all about Cleanliness and hygiene. Something he absolutely does not have. After fellow performers started complaining about his smell, he started getting physical. Accusations of Violence towards other Performers, met immediate termination for Grungy. He became Homeless, and His Hygiene Became even more Grotesque along with His Mind becoming Lost within itself. He has Traveled Dumpster to Dumpster, can to can, and alley to alley until his sock Landed at the Woods of Terror. You might see Grungy there,  He is always near smelly things…….


Years at Woods – 6
Attraction – Clown House

The urban legend of the god-like warrior Sixes is unlike any other story told before. Since creation his main goal in life is to become the fiercest and vigilant god there ever was. With the wit and knowledge of Thoth and agility of Hermes he is a formidable force to be reckoned with but as usual he had major flaws. He was a trickster and master manipulator. Bearing the face of a clown his greatness and weakness forged together to create the most powerful entity of his time. Playing off of your psyche is what fuels his desire to lure you into the false reality of the universe as “HE” knows it..Or so he thinks. The more you hear about the legend of this god-like entity the more you realize it was all a story of a madman to begin with….


Years at Woods – 5
Attraction – Midway

Bendy was born in New Orleans in the year 1942, he was born to absent parents but when they were home they were not at all kind. This caused Bendy’s older brother to raise him from a baby. From all the trauma of his childhood his brain stopped aging. On his seventh birthday his parents up and left with no warning leaving him and his brother abandoned. After being alone for years and sleeping where they could, they found a sideshow. Although most people knew it as a freak show, the performers welcomed Bendy and his brother like they were part of the crew for years. He found himself infatuated with the contortionist and was memorized by how she could contort her body. After months of Begging he ended up being her student and eventually performing with her. Years later when he turned eighteen his brother took him to a clearing in the woods and they performed a sacrifice ritual and made a deal with Satan to be soul collectors on earth. But with Satan there is always a catch. Bendy and his brother had to possess one human together. They ended up possessing a worker at Woods of Terror.This was a perfect place because of all the humans that visited, they could easily collect souls for Satan. So to this day Bendy and his brother roam the Woods of Terror collecting souls and wreaking havoc…..


Years at Woods – 5
Attraction – Midway

We were there when Lucifer and the rest of us were cast out of Heaven. Being the work horse for Lucifer we became the rulers of Hell and Purgatory. We are The Seven Deadly Sins we create the chaos that the humans can’t do without. We have our Legion to make sure God’s Creation’s fall short in their pathetic short life.


Years at Woods – 5
Attraction – Clowns

Splat was a circus clown from the early 1900s until he was tragically hit by a train, hence the name Splat. He was then sewn back together and put on display in dime museums and side shows for nearly a century until the taxidermied clown was gifted to the Woods of Terror in 2019. He has since been reanimated and is full of life, and wise cracks.

Till Bergmann

Years at Woods – 4
Attraction – Miners Massacre

Was born in 1925 in Munich, Germany.  In 1926, my parents came to North Carolina to escape a battle torn city from WW1. After moving to North Carolina, my father found a job mining in a mine shaft in Guilford County. At age 18, I decided to follow my father’s footsteps.  In 1963 I was laying down dynamite deep in the shaft, while walking up the shaft, a careless co-worker detonated the dynamite burning the right half of me and eventually killing me. My soul wandered across Guilford County and found the Woods of Terror. After that day, I wander around the shaft, terrorizing customers seeking revenge on my death.


Years at Woods – 4
Attraction – Calypso House

Fabienne and her family perform an annual ritual to keep the vengeful spirit of Tituba “Fabienne’s ancestor” at bay. Tituba, the first accused at the Salem Witch Trials, was a powerful and evil witch. When Fabienne fails to complete the ritual in time, Tituba’s spirit is able to escape and possess Fabienne as her new host. Her possession resides at the Woods of Terror.


Years at Woods – 1
Attraction – Clowns

Token, who was originally called Dancing Daisy, worked at a carnival as a clown who was beloved by many young and old. She would perform silly acts with fellow colleagues and would dance. She was heavily bullied by her colleagues for her size and caring demeanor. Being teased for her child like voice, makeup, and acts. Token always laughed it off pretending it didn’t bother her but in reality it ate her up from the inside out. On a particular night during a show one of her colleagues thought it would be funny to trick Token into climbing the rails of the tent and hanging upside down. Resulting in Token losing grip and falling, slamming her head on the ground below. With no visible damage she was left to help herself. Token stopped performing and socializing with anyone or did she? Many who lived near her tent on the carnival grounds swore they could hear her talking to someone or something…As months went by Token became more distant and as others say..darker. Colleagues started growing concerned as the smell of death began to ooze out from underneath her tent. They even said when she would come out to perform which was rare she would just stare at the audience changing facial expressions ever so often and occasionally do a skip like dance. This scared customers enough to leave and not come back. Getting fed up the owners decided it was time to get rid of Token. The owners said it was like talking to a brick wall, she was completely emotionless. She just stared until she smiled demonically and nodded watching the owners as they left. Later that night locals say it was something dragged out of hell. Token came out of her tent in her best clown costume which consisted of a satin like material with three cotton like balls going down her chest and a big ruffle collar around her neck. She set her tent to flames then began her rampage on the workers and the owners of the carnival. Stabbing them all to death and eating parts of each one. As she set the carnival to flames she found poker chips that were used as souvenirs for the guests. Token placed a poker chip on each victim, placing it where they were missing a limb or organ that she had eaten. Keeping one for herself as a reminder but as she looked around she began to feel like her old self and cried out before slitting her own throat causing blood and a small scar but not killing her for the cut wasn’t deep enough. Many believe she did kill herself, her old self Daisy but she awakened Token. Terrorizing everyone she comes in contact with, changing to newer times and learning to use her cute appearance to her advantage, so she can feed the growing monster within.


Years at Woods – 2
Attraction – Clowns

Spookz used to be a really big celebrity in Hollywood. He was known for his epic movies. He got notice that he would be heading to North Carolina to do a big movie shoot. When he arrived he went straight to doing his makeup. As he is in the middle of his makeup he gets a call from a very familiar voice. A voice he has not heard from in years. The voice told him to come to a doll factory down the road as soon as possible. Nervous and Sweating he goes to wipe the makeup off. Problem is the makeup is not coming off. Instead it is starting to stain his skin and run. He decides to go as is. As he gets into his car to go to the factory another call comes in. Picking up the phone the voice yells, I’m at the very top of the building and then hangs up. He arrives 15 minutes later and takes the elevator to the top and sees no one. He calls the number but no answer. He tries again but yet still no answer. He decides to start walking around to try to find them. Amongst walking around he hears something faint coming from the edge of the building top. A bubbling or fizzing sound. When he gets to the edge of the building he looks down to see a big barrel of acid sizzling. All of sudden a whisper behind him that sends a chill up his back. “Jump”. He loses his footing and falls down, straight into the Barrel of acid. Screaming and yelling in pain all he can hear is the sound of children giggling. The Barrel ends up tipping over and he stands up dripping of melted skin. He runs to the first place he can see. The Woods Of Terror. There a crazy sadistic Nurse helps clean him up and gives him some pain medication. Feeling the pain melt away he starts to lose control of his body and mind. He is no longer in control of his body. It does what it wants. He currently wanders the woods scaring all those who enter by simply saying “JUMP”