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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about The Woods of Terror on Church Street in Greensboro North Carolina.

When are you open?

Select dates from September 16th through November 5th.  Visit the Hours Page For Details.

How long is the line?

Saturdays are usually our busiest nights of the week, and lines will be much longer on the last 2 weekends in October.

Does Woods of Terror offer group rates?


Does Woods of Terror accept credit cards?

No, but we do have an ATM on site

Can I buy tickets in advance?

Yes! You can purchase tickets online although ticketing and service fees will apply.

Are the monsters allowed to touch you?

The actors will not touch you. However, they do get very close. Occasionally you may brush up against their costumes or props. You may also come into contact with some of the sets.

Are there any age restrictions?

Woods of Terror is recommended for adults and teens, but younger kids may come if parents choose to bring them. Carrying babies though is NOT recommended. There are no special prices for children and no refunds if anyone decides not to finish the haunt. There are many emergency exits throughout each attraction in case anyone gets too scared to continue.

Is Woods of Terror wheelchair accessible?

The trail is about 50% accessible. The trail is gravel, and you must have someone to push you through the trail. We can’t have any of our employees push the wheelchair through the attractions.

Is there a lot of smoke in the haunted house?

We do use fog and scent machines. Should you find the smoke or odors too intense there are emergency exits throughout the attractions.

Can I go in if I'm pregnant?

Anyone who is pregnant is prohibited from going through the haunt.

Does Woods of Terror Close if it Rains?

Woods of Terror DOES close the park during heavy rains. But mist rain does not. The best way to tell if we are closed is to call our office at 336-643-3558 or check our website homepage.

Does your attraction have security?

Woods of Terror employs a fully trained security staff to keep things running smoothly.

Can we be thrown out?

Yes. We do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, alcohol, etc. The first violation of these rules will usually bring a warning and after the second, you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

Woods of Terror sells a full complement of food and non alcoholic beverages. We do not allow entrance in the attractions if we feel you are intoxicated

Can we take flash photos of your haunted houses?

NO photography of any sort is allowed in the haunts. Haunted houses are dark and peoples eyes (especially the actors) adjust to the low light. When you flash your camera you’re not only ruining other customers’ experience but you’re hurting the actors’ eyes. The monsters working outside will quite often pose for pictures.

What is NOT allowed inside our haunted attraction?

No weapons, pets, alcoholic beverages, cameras, flashlights, or laser pointers!

How old do you have to be to work at Woods of Terror?

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Woods of Terror.

to Apply Click here:

Do you Charge for Parking?

Parking is $10 – $20 Cash

If you do not find the answers you need on our website, you may call our office at 336-643-3558 or email us by clicking Here 

Woods of Terror

5601 N Church St
Greensboro, NC 27455

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